C.A.C SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON For August 11th, 2019, That The Scripture Must be Fulfilled : UNIT I - THE SCRIPTURE ARE GIVEN.

C.A.C SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON For  August 11th, 2019, That The Scripture Must be Fulfilled : UNIT I - THE SCRIPTURE ARE GIVEN.

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That The Scripture Must be Fulfilled.
August 11th, 2019

Part II.
WILL PRODUCE THE MESSIAH (Genesis 12:1-3; 18:18,19; Deuteronomy 18:14ff; Psalm 67; Zechariah 12:10; 13:1,2,9)
     'Produce' here is referring to how Messiah was going to come from the lineage of Israel, precisely, as the Son of David, the Root of Jesse, and the Lion of the tribe of Judah. The Word of God said it sufficiently that the Messiah would be a descendant of Abraham, and that never failed, as Jesus the Lord was born in Bethlehem.

A.    WILL REVEAL YAHWEH TO THE NATION (Gen. 18:18,19; Psa. 67).
       That Your way may be known on earth, Your salvation among all nations (Psa. 67:2).
i.     Gen. 18:18: God had it in mind regarding Abraham, from onset, that all the nations of the earth shall be blessed in him. The concept of blessing, here, spans beyond material or ephemeral things.
ii.    v. 19: Abraham would do this by commanding (teaching and training) his descendants (both biological and spiritual, which would eventually include Gentiles), from generations to generations, to keep the righteous and just, the way of the Lord.
iii.   Psa. 67 further expantiates the essence of the invocation on line 11, the language of the Aaronic benediction (Num. 6:24-26), for God to smile on His people (cf. Psa. 80), is that the way of the Lord might be known on earth (line 2).
iv.    In fulfillment of the provisions of the Abrahamic covenant (Gen. 12:3), God had a centrifugal mission in mind of His people.
v.    Line 2b: In a deeper sense, it is the SALVATION of the Lord that would be made known among all nations. This is the salvation that would bring true gladness and joy, as the Lord judges (leads) the people (lines 3,4), bringing true prosperity (lines 5,6) as His fear is entrenched in them (line 7).
vi.   These would later be fulfilled in the redemption and salvation that the Jesus Christ, but humanity's MESSIAH, brings in full (cf. Jn. 10:10).
vii.   Israel had the great commission to be the teacher of the whole world, leading them to God. Did they fulfill this task? Not really well. Eventually, Jesus dropped the assignment at the doorstep of His disciples (Matt. 28:19), and since then, this has been a great commission for believers in His to fulfill. How are you doing it?

B.     WILL BE THE MESSIAH'S PATRIARCH (Gen. 12:1-3; Deut. 18:14ff; Zech. 12:10; 13:1,2,9)
        The Lord your God will raise up for you a Prophet like me from your midst, from your brethren. Him you shall hear (Deut. 18:15).
i.      Gen. 12:1-3: By the time God was calling Abram, man had fallen, and God had set in motion, His eternal redemptive programme for man.
ii.     vv. 2,3: To bring the blessing intended here to all the families of the earth... God had in mind, beyond Abram to a distant seed ---- the Messiah. After all, Abram himself could only cover a very minute portion of the earth before his demise.
iii.   Deut. 18:14-22: So that no one would look unto Moses as the one to fulfill Gen. 12:2,3, he quickly pointed, under divine inspiration, the future, as he prepared to quit the stage at the verge of entering Canaan.
iv.    vv. 15,18: The Prophet (Messiah in view) was to come from your midst, from Scripture projected that Israel would be the Messiah's patriarch.
v.    Towards the close of the O.T, God raised the hope of the Jews, and by extension, the entire world, of the imminent first advent of the Messiah to come through the Jews (Zech. 12:10a), to pay the ultimate ransom for man's redemption (v. 10b; 13:19).
vi.   This was pointing to the Messiah to be born with direct generational link to David, Israel, and Abraham, thus fulfilling God's eternal Abrahamic covenant of redemption by blessing all the families of the earth.
vii.   The Fact that Israel produced the Messiah does not mean that any of them, including their great grandfather, 'Abraham', is greater or older than the Messiah. The Messiah had been before the existence of the world. In addition, the only thing that can prevent them from sharing the punishment of the godless nations is total faith in Christ Jesus, and Him alone.

1.   As far as when God was covenanting with Abraham, He had you and generations unborn in mind. What a gracious Father!
2.  God had been gradually and systematically unfolding His programme to redeem man. Even before you have keyed into it. Don't be left behind.

1.    What did God have in mind when He promised that Abraham's seed would become a great nation?
2.    The Scripture makes it clear that the Jews would produce the Messiah. What does that portend for both the Jews and the entire world?

i.    God never does anything for fun. He is purposeful and futuristic.
ii.   He had His eternal redemptive plan in mind.
iii.  He had the Messiah, who would fulfill the eternal plan in mind too.
iv.  He had in mind, the entire world. He was not planning for Israel alone, but chose Israel as a prototype in fulfilling His agenda ---- the Word.
v.   He had our ultimate salvation in mind. None of us would be lost in God's eternal plan, in Jesus' name.

i.   None of us merits the grace of God that we enjoy.
ii.  The Jews were only privileged to be chosen out of the whole world to be the Messiah's patriarch.
iii.  Their redemption is not their making, and never by right.
iv.  Messiah is the anointed Saviour of the whole world. Through Him, both the Jews and Gentiles alike, experience the salvation of God.
v.   God's love by which He gave the Messiah does not apply to Jews alone, but capture the entire world (Jn. 3:16).
vi.  The onus is on everyone (Jews and Gentiles) to embrace this eternal redemptive plan of God for man. It is until then we can be said to have fulfilled the Scripture positively.
vii. Also, we all, not the Jews alone, should go out to proclaim the good news of the first advent and the anticipated glorious Second Advent of our Saviour, Jesus Christ.

Prophecy had gone ahead of Mr. Tosh, before his birth, that he would become very great and wealthy in life. By the time Tosh grew and was told of God's plan to make him great and wealthy, instead of working towards the fulfillment of this agenda, the whole thing ran into his head and he began to misbehave. He was demonstrating artificial 'bigmanism' when in the actual sense, he was not near it at all. Everybody, including his own parents, meant nothing to him. In fact, he had no respect for God who had given the word to his parent. In his own eyes, he became larger than life, and belittled everybody around him. In his arrogance, he offended a wicked old man who demonically inflicted him with a terminal disease, and that ended his life. Tosh did not live to witness the fulfillment of God's Word in his life because of his failure to keep his own side of the covenant. Obedience is a vital tool to making the Word of God (Scripture) effective in our lives. Thank God for the obedience of the patriarchs of Israel.

This is the end of lesson two. We cannot but give honour, glory and adoration to God who has richly blessed us with this timely Word. We pray that in whatever we do, the fulfillment of God's Word, positively, shall always be the focus. We pray that you will receive the grace to always cooperate with God to fulfill His good intention in your life, ultimately bringing His eternal redemptive programme to bear.

Mon.    5:    God Redeemed and Ransomed Israel (Isa. 43:1-4)
Tue.     6:    God's Love for Israel Inexplicable (Mal. 1:1-5)
Wed.    7:    God's Presence Fully Enjoyed by Israel (Isa. 43:5-8)
Thur.   8:    Great is the God of Israel (Isa. 43:9-13)
Fri.      9:    God will do New Things for Israel (Isa. 43:14-20)
Sat.     10:   God's Expectation Must be Met (Isa. 43:21-28).
C.A.C SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON For August 11th, 2019, That The Scripture Must be Fulfilled : UNIT I - THE SCRIPTURE ARE GIVEN. C.A.C SUNDAY SCHOOL LESSON For  August 11th, 2019, That The Scripture Must be Fulfilled : UNIT I - THE SCRIPTURE ARE GIVEN. Reviewed by Muyiwa Abodunrin (Muyilight) on August 11, 2019 Rating: 5

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