E- giving ( Sow a Seed )

If you desire to Sow a Seed, please feel free to reach us through the details below.

Understand that your Seed is a Spiritual transactions to provoke Heaven for release of your diverse blessings ( Phil. 4:15-19).

You are blessed as you support the movement of His work.

MuyiLight Head Admin

Nigeria Bank Account Details 
Account Name :- Abodunrin Adegbola Muyiwa 
Account Number :- 0112963861
Bank :- Gtbank .

International Payoneer Dollar/EUR Account Details 

USD Receiving Account (ACH)
Bank Name          ---------   Bank Of America 
Routing   ( ABA)  ---------   061000052
Account Number  -------   00003018634107494
Account Type         ------     Checking 
Beneficiary Name ------     Abodunrin Muyiwa 

EUR Receiving Account details ( SEPA)
Bank Name     --------   Wirecard
BIC                    --------    WIREDEMM
IBAN                 --------    DE70512308006501378382
Bank Country -------    Germany 
Beneficiary Name  ------   Abodunrin Muyiwa 

GBP Receiving Account (BACS)
Bank Name    ---------     Barclays
Sort Code        --------      231486
Account Number --------     01343114
Beneficiary Name ------      Abodunrin Muyiwa 

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