Gospel Story : Called By Jesus - Season 1 Episode 14

Gospel Story : Called By Jesus - Season 1 Episode 14 

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The moment I said those word my whole body felt differently, have you ever been shocked by electric before? If you have then you will understand how I felt, I felt like I had just stepped on electric with my wet body, I felt hot and cold at the same time. Slowly my eyes started losing its way, I was going to faint the last thing I remembered was angel holding me in his arms so I wouldn’t hit the floor.


I woke up in an unknown place, I looked around me and everything was white, when I say white trust me you have never seen anything as White as what it was. I looked around but didn’t see anyone, I started to walk from one conner to the other, one street to another asking ” who’s here” but no one answered me. I felt very tired and hungry so I sat down under a very beautiful tree.

welcome my child, you are finally ready to do the work of thy father.

I know this voice, ain’t you my blood maker? I’m I dead?

you are not dead my child, I am thy father. Come with me I have things to show you.
I walked with him from street to street, I couldn’t see him but a light was leading me so it walked in front of me, honesty of any of you miss heaven its your loose, heaven isn’t a place to miss at all, if you are sinning and you think heaven isn’t real I’m sorry for you. Heaven is as real as the breath you take in and out. He showed me some set of people

my child you see this people? They are the ones who are living well on earth.. But it doesn’t mean they all have a place here. And this other set of people are the ones bore poor, it doesn’t mean they are not loved by God, how can the will and power be praise if everyone is rich? It takes them far away from their maker. Some of this people are in their position because my father knows and see their heart “father bless me” Jesus heal me” all this they ask not because they believe but because they feel is what is required of them. And some they are only here because they want to gain the earthly things before they show their true colors.

To be continue........................
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