Inspirational Teaching By Pastor Benny Hinn : Topic - Who Will Win The Battle Of Your Mind ?

Inspirational Teaching By Pastor Benny Hinn : Topic - Who Will Win The Battle Of Your Mind ?

There’s a battle going on between your spirit, soul, and body.
The soul is in the center, and wherever it leans—either toward the spirit or the body—controls who you are and what you do.
If you are a believer, of course, you belong to God. Satan, however, wants to continue to control your body and soul, in hopes of gaining control of your spirit.
The devil tried to do this with Jesus during His earthly life. Satan offered total control of the world if Jesus would only bow to him.
He is still trying to do this with believers today. Satan wants to offer things that you want in order to wound you, take away your innocence, and leave scars.
What makes it such a battle is that you, like all humans, have things stuck in your memory. The flesh likes these things. It enjoys the flashbacks.
The problem comes from the fact that we were born in sin. We sin naturally. None of us were sitting on the fence when we came to Jesus Christ.

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Shaped in Iniquity 

We have human tendencies. We were literally shaped in iniquity. These tendencies are nestled in the soul. That soul is the seed of memory and intense desire.
It houses what we were. It holds all the scars from what happened to us. Sometimes we don’t even know what is there, because there are so many hidden memories.
These memories come up at different times. The influence over your life can be immense. Satan can use these memories to attack you, control you, make you feel worthless, and to cause problems.
When a person get saved, the heart—a person’s spirit—changes immediately. That is what the Word tells us in 2 Corinthians 5:17: “Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new.”
But even though the spirit changes in an instant, the soul, however, and certainly the body, takes much longer.
That is why you must begin learning from God’s Word, spending time with the Lord Jesus in prayer, getting in fellowship with other believers, learning from godly teachers, and all the things you can do to renew your soul.
The heart changes immediately. The soul changes more slowly. And the body changes even more slowly.
The soul and body want to keep going back to the old things, the old friends, the old temptations, the old environment.

A Constant Battle

Listening to the spirit and being renewed, rather than listening to the body and being destroyed, is an ongoing struggle.
So what happens to us when our mind is renewed?
We come to God as broken pieces of a puzzle, and we choose to allow Him to begin putting all of those pieces together into a complete picture.
What used to be an embarrassment becomes a testimony!
The transition from fleshly control to spiritual control of the soul must occur daily in order for God to put our complete picture together and turn all the scarred, broken pieces into a complete, whole picture.
It requires pain, since moving from a soul filled with sin to a life filled with God’s Spirit can be painful.
Read Romans 1 and 2. Paul, writing under the inspiration of the Holy Spirit, shows that we are condemned in our sin and without any hope aside from Jesus Christ.

And by chapter 3, we discover that all have sinned and come short of the glory of God. We are exposed to the fact that Satan will do everything to keep us from seeing the light.
As you continue to read Romans and the entire New Testament, you see that when you turn to God and He switches on the light, you see more and more clearly what the enemy has tried to do to you.
However, you will also discover more and more what Jesus Christ has done to rid you of the effects of sin.
Every day since you received Jesus Christ into your heart, you have been faced with a choice whether to live and walk a godly life or dwell in the midst of past hurts and wounds and death.
God calls us from death unto life.

He wants you to respond to what the Holy Spirit desires to do in you.
If you respond to the Spirit by feeding the things of God into your system, you will win the battle for your mind.
The Word purges the hidden pockets in the mind. It breaks down the strongholds. It removes the footholds that Satan has tried to maintain in your soul.

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A Call to Action

Are you ready to allow God to win the battle of your mind in a greater way than ever before?
Let me suggest three simple ways:
  • Spend time in the Word every day.
    Regardless of whether you read some from both the Old and New Testaments, focus on the Gospels, go through the Proverbs, or a different kind of plan, be consistent. This is crucial to renewing your mind!
  • Pray.
    God desires for you to walk intimately with Him. He gave His Son and sent the Holy Spirit so you could walk in close union with Him. He wants to infuse your spirit, soul, and body with Himself. This intimacy only comes through spending time in His presence.
  • Share Him with others.
    From one experience, I can tell you that when my wonderful Lord Jesus came into my heart, He also placed an ever-increasing burden on my heart to share Him with others. That desire continues today, even as my focus is now directed to souls around the world.
Your life will never be the same as you win the battle for your mind every day through these three steps.
This is a battle you can win!
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