Inspirational Message By Pastor D.K Olukoya : topic - Destroying the Mystery of Yokes

Inspirational Message By Pastor D.K Olukoya : topic - Destroying the Mystery of Yokes 
I will like you to listen to me very carefully. We are waging war with 40 prayers against a mystery. One of the weapon that has dealt with man, one of the weapons that has arrested man and waged war with man. In Isaiah, we will see a very curious verse. It was from this verse many songs (the anointing) where composed. All the songs about ‘anointing breaking the yoke’ came from there but it’s a lot deeper than that.

A yoke is a harness made of wood by which two animals are tied together to pull a load. Meaning that a yoke means: forced submission, it means forced obedience and it means forced service.
To be yoked means to submit and surrender. The yoke is an instrument of toil, it is an instrument of punishing work. The yokes will finally bring out one’s blood and sweat.
Facts about Isaiah 10:27 –
  1. The yoke is made for the neck.
  2. That neck is attached to the head. It takes the direction of the head. Meaning if a yoke is on somebody’s neck, that person won’t be able to go to where he wants to go. The burden is for the shoulders.
  3. Only one power can break the yoke and that power is called ‘the anointing’.
The yoke is not a thing to be toiled with. Breaking alone won’t do enough, but destruction. This yoke is part of the works of darkness Jesus came to destroy.
The greatest enemy of yoke is the anointing. As a matter of fact, if you go to Bible College and they want to teach you about anointing, the simplest definition of the anointing they will give to you is from Isaiah 10:27 (the burden remover and the yoke destroyer is the anointing).
When we talk about the anointing, the best definition can be explained in the book of Judges 14:4-6. When the anointing fell upon Samson, that was the destruction of the lion. Matthew 11:29-30. Meaning any yoke that is not easy and the burden is not light is not from God.
A yoke is therefore an instrument of toil, it is evil bonding, a yoke is an instrument of shared bondages and evil spiritual marriage.
G.O narrates a real life incident:
I have shared to you before many years ago. I didn’t know what I knew now. If I knew what I knew today many years ago; it won’t have happened. At a wedding many years ago, an experienced officiating Pastor was conducting the wedding. A question was asked to the would be bride that ‘will you, sister so take this man as your lawfully wedded husband’, she said ‘no’. The pastor thought she didn’t hear the question very well and asked that question again. This woman shouted ‘No’ for an answer again and her to be husband was crying. That was how the wedding ceremony came to a close.
None of us knew then because that time, we were blind bats. None of us knew that she was seeing a spirit husband threatening her not to say yes. I didn’t know that many years ago. It would not happen now. If you were not drunk, you wore a wedding dress and came to the mountain of fire to wed and you’re saying ‘no’ to questions being asked; I will just request the officiating pastor to excuse us and that bride will be taken away for few minutes to be prayed for. By the time she’s brought back, she will answer the question correctly.
Every spirit husband is a yoke, he’s binding you to something. The tragedy is that many sisters don’t know this and also many pastors. A yoke is a collective captivity, the whole family is just going to one direction. There are some families, every man from that family must marry witches, if they don’t marry witches, the woman they marry is in trouble. In some families, they are yoked in poverty e.t.c
A yoke is a:
  • Communal bondage.
  • A program of arrested development.
  • A yoke is a strong limitation,
  • It is an evil load raised on people,
  • It is an evil equalizer and evil arrester.
  • It is an instrument of unprofitable sweating,
  • It is an instrument of forced and unprofitable labor,
  • It is a wicked programming,
  • An evil domination, evil submission,
  • It is an aggressive restriction,
  • It is an aggressive stagnation.
  • It is an instrument of forceful movement
  • Forceful sluggishness
  • Suffocating chains
  • Unprofitable entanglement
  • Unprofitable blending, its not profitable at all.
  • Negative suppression
  • Negative detention
  • Restraining power
  • Evil hook
G.O narrates another real life incident:
A professor came here many years ago. He said ‘I know you used to be an academician’. He asked that how many wives did Solomon had in the Bible, I told him the answer. How many concubines, I told him. He said is any thing wrong if I just marry just an extra wife? I asked him what happened to the wife he has at home? He said the one at home is not a stylish woman and that he wants to marry a stylish woman. I told him that ‘professor, don’t do it’. I told him that he can buy stylish clothes for the wife at home, and stylish shoes and she will become stylish. He said ‘no no no no’. He didn’t listen to me. He did introduction for the woman he wanted to marry, not long after the introduction; the woman died. The families of the woman came and said that he (the professor) started a process, and that he must finish it. He said ‘I know’. They (the deceased family) took him to the cemetery with an officiating pastor the family came with to conduct a wedding with the dead woman. From that day, the woman always appear to the professor everywhere. He was always seeing her in the classroom whenever he was teaching. He was taken to the psychiatric hospital. They administered drug for him but he noticed that the woman constantly appears to him in 6 personalities. It was at that point he was brought to the mountain of fire and miracles and I said he would go for deliverance. He asked that ‘does it mean I won’t have breakfast throughout the deliverance program’. After deliverance and serious prayers, the yoke was broken.
Many young men who are not doing well is because they have been hooked. Many because of one minute of madness many years ago, they slept with a marine princess and women with familiar spirits. The yoke is an emblem of negative annexation.
The mystery of the yoke is this: a yoke determines your movement depending on whom you are yoked with. If they yoke you with something sluggish, stagnancy is inevitable. If you are being yoked with something faster, you will be running faster than your time. It domesticate the bondages. The agenda of the yoke is to destroy. Yoke saps energy. Yokes at old age kills very quickly. Yokes are so serious that it needs the anointing to break them. Yokes are so serious that many will not break loose from it until fasting is added to their prayers. The closeness of yokes to the head can affect the brain.
There are:
  • Destiny destroying yokes,
  • There are anti marital yokes,
  • There are religion yokes,
  • There are dream yokes,
  • There are evil family pattern yokes,
  • There are poverty yokes,
  • There are inherited yokes,
  • There are witchcraft yokes,
  • There are near-success yokes,
  • There are oppression yokes
The trouble with the mystery of yokes is that you may be completely unconscious.
There are:
  • Yokes of backward push,
  • There are yokes of sadness,
  • There are yokes of backwardness,
  • Yokes of barrenness
  • There are yokes of blockages,
  • There are yokes of closed doors.
This morning:
1 Surrender your life to Jesus.
2 Repent from all known sin.
3 Identify your own yokes.
4 Raise a battle cry against that yoke.
5 Plug your life to the socket of the anointing that God has made available here today.
G.O narrates another real life incident:
I was at another wedding ceremony. Strange wedding. The bride groom is as half the size of my interpreter. The wife was about twice the size of my pulpit. When the marriage question was going on, the husband was asked ‘will you take this woman as your lawfully wedded bride’, the woman answered the question that ‘yes he will’. I went closely to the man and asked why is he not answering the question. He said ‘I don’t know how I got here’.
Bottomline: If you don’t deal with yokes, it would deal with you. It is a tragedy to be yoked from the cradle and yoked to the grave.
Prayer Rain:
Prayer session: killing glory killers by Pastor Kehinde Adegbolahan (A.G.O). Remember when the glory of God departed from Adam and Eve, they became naked and became ashamed. When glory is killed, shame manifest. When glory is killed, nakedness becomes very obvious.
1 My nakedness shall not be exposed in the name of Jesus!
2 The glory killers of my fathers house: I’m not your victim, fail in the name of Jesus!
Prayer session: breaking the horn of darkness by Pastor Gbesan (A.G.O)
3 Every satanic horn scattering my joy, catch fire in the name of Jesus!
4 Any old battle threatening my existence, scatter in the name of Jesus!
Prayer session: pulling down the stronghold of delay by Pastor Timothy Akanwo (A.G.O)
5 Satanic elders operating in the stronghold of delay against my life, against my future, what are you living for, die by fire in the name of Jesus!
6 I, Bolaji Abiodun Emmanuel shall not die in the stronghold of delay in the name of Jesus!
Before ministration Prayers by Daddy G.O:
This is a three fold program: the normal breakthrough program, prayers against marital delay and supernatural conception. Within the next few minutes, the glory power of God and the power of the great physician will begin to move greatly in our midst:
7 Barbers of darkness assigned to kill my glory, what are you waiting for, die
After ministration, yoke breaking prayers by Daddy G.O:
8 Powers that cannot harm me but are reporting me to powers that can harm me: what are you waiting for, die in the name of Jesus!
9 Jesus Christ, yoke breaker: break my yoke now in the name of Jesus!
10 Powers assigned to donate my blood to the coven, donate your own blood and die in the name of Jesus!
11 Powers reporting my glory to the enemy, be disgraced in the name of Jesus!
12 Thou power of leaking pocket, die by fire in the name of Jesus!
13 By the same way you appeared, my problem, disappear in the same way in the name of Jesus!
14 Wicked powers planning to celebrate my defeat: what are you waiting for, die in the name of Jesus!
15 Power of Pharaoh, power of Goliath, power of Herod of my fathers house, die in the name of Jesus!
16 Every demonic anointing flowing against my career, die in the name of Jesus!
17 Yoke of stagnation, yoke of delay: I’m not your candidate, break in the name of Jesus!
18 Owners of evil load, hear the word of the Lord: carry your load in the name of Jesus!
19 Powers that have vowed to see my end: before I leave this place, die in the name of Jesus!
20 Month of September: hear the word of the Lord, favor me by fire in the name of Jesus!
Announcement by Daddy G.O before and after ministration:
  1. The PMCH monthly program will be taking place at the international headquarters until the completion of the road construction project at the Lagos Ibadan expressway.
  2. Weekend deliverance forms up on the 20th to 22nd of September for this month at the prayer city.
  3. The war against marital with prayer for the fruit of the womb continues again in October PMCH.
  4. Monday is a special day in the spiritual calendar. It is 9th September 2019 (9-9-19). We will be having a prayer meeting to key into the covenant of that day. We will key into the covenant of that day and disband the agenda of the wicked for that day.
Inspirational Message By Pastor D.K Olukoya : topic - Destroying the Mystery of Yokes Inspirational Message By Pastor D.K Olukoya : topic - Destroying the Mystery of Yokes Reviewed by Muyiwa Abodunrin (Muyilight) on September 10, 2019 Rating: 5

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