Gospel Story : Called By Jesus - Season 1 Episode 9

Gospel Story : Called By Jesus - Season 1 Episode 9

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I woke up the next morning feeling weird, I didn’t even feel like going to work but I had to, my favorite patient won’t take her medicine if I’m not there. I took my bath lazily and eat some breakfast from the miraculous food angel Michael gave me last night, come to think of it he hasn’t said anything to me today, he wasn’t even there to complain about my dress, well maybe his offended about last night, I will just go to work then, I was driving to my office my phone rang, I tried to open my bag with one hand, and drive with the other hand, I wasn’t quick enough or should I say it happened so fast that I ran into something, someone I just don’t know, I screamed and ran down from my car, it was a guy badly wounded I begged people to help me carry him into my car, some people were insulting and yelling at me, just few that helped me. An elderly man decided to follow me. I drove like a mad woman to our hospital, with my state doctor P stopped me from entering the emergency room, I was going to make things worse, I went into my office praying and begging God to save him for me, I couldn’t live with myself if he died.

Around 6 pm in the evening nurse titi came to inform me the patient I brought was up, I ran into the ward not even allowing her to finish. When I got into his ward, there he was sleeping peacefully, I touched his forehead his body wasn’t hot, I knew he was in pain from the bandage all over him, one could barely see the face self, I sat down close to him, ” Lord thank you for not letting this man die on me” I opened my eyes, to find nurse titi standing close to me.

I think you should get some rest doctor, I don’t think he will wake till tomorrow because his on a strong tab man.

don’t worry, I will just stay with him.
She nodded her head and smiled at me before she left, wait a minutes angel Michael told me last night I could do anything only if I believe right? It was time to put my powers into practice. I walked across to the other side of the bed and started losing the bandage, the wound was really terrible, the ones on his legs too I loosen them ( hmmm I inhale deeply) I place my both hands on his chest.

” lord you said I’m your blood, and I should believe, and accept who I am, I believe you can make him whole its the kind of miracle you can do, please let him be whole again please” my tears dropped on his chest and like a magic his body started to heal, all his wounds started to disappear, I got scared I ran from his bed side I know I asked for a miracle but what I was seeing was beyond me. I watch his body healed completely then he opened his eyes. 

where I’m I?
I was shock, not shock because of he was heal but his voice, his voice was the same voice as Michael’s

To be continue..............
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